Our Noodles

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At iPho we specialise in fresh, delicious handmade noodles. Here are just a few types that you will see at our restaurant:

iPho 13-38 02-Sep-2014 9048_Flat Rice Noodles – These noodles are made from rice flour in large sheets, oiled for cooking to prevent sticking, then cut to size. When steamed flat rice noodles produce a soft, velvety texture.  By itself the noodle is bland, but when mixed with a great sauce or soup it changes from a beast to a beauty. This noodle is also used in the famous fried noodle dish, Char Kway Teow.

iPho 13-39 02-Sep-2014 9057_Rice Vermicelli Noodles – Vermicelli noodles are also from rice flour, which is made into dough and pressed to create the fine strands. It is then dried and formed into packet sizes for sale. Vermicelli noodles need to be soaked in water to soften, then blanched in hot water to cook. After that it can be combined with your favorite soup to produce light, flavorful noodles. Because of the manufacturing process it soaks all up the flavours of the soup, infusing the noodles with taste and texture.

iPho 13-34 02-Sep-2014 9036_Yellow Egg Noodles – Yellow noodles are made from wheat flour and egg, with a chewy, toothsome texture similar to spaghetti but half the size in diameter. At iPho it comes in freshly produced three to four times a week. This noodle is most often seen in dishes such as ‘Wonton Noodles’.

Starch noodles – Starch noodles are made from glutinous flour, rolled into sheets 2 to 3mm thick, and cut to size. It is then blanched to give it its famous smooth, slippery texture. Traditionally starch noodles with broth are very popular for people recovering from illness, or for those needing an easily digestible nutritious meal.