About Us

iPho DishesThe logo says it all. “I” refers to the very personal touch of the proprietor, Vanessa. It’s her family’s home-grown recipe for Pho that started our small restaurant in Garema Place.

iPho 12-53 02-Sep-2014 8806_The story goes that her husband always said that when Vanessa made Pho at home, it was so good that there was never enough! All of a sudden distant friends and relatives invited themselves over to savour her Pho, which had such a deep, meaty flavor that it tasted even better as it simmered over the next few days. She never cooked just a soup pot, but an urn so large it could feed an army!

The bowl with the bite is a play on Apple’s iPhone logo. The bowl with the bite means deliciously crisp, fresh and juicy like an apple. Personality, communication and freshness is what iPho is all about!

The Secret to Vanessa’s Pho

iPho 12-57 02-Sep-2014 8832_-2There is no secret! Search Pho on the internet and you can find dozens of Pho recipes. All of these are good and reflect different regions of Vietnam. However getting that same full-bodied soup as our signature recipe requires hours of work. At iPho, Vanessa washes the marrow bones three times in hot water; boiling it hard once and skimming the top. To get the most fragrance from her herbs and spices, Vanessa slow-roasts them together for about 20 minutes in a warm wok, then pops it into a fresh cotton bag to toss into the soup pot.  She then simmers the soup for no less than ten hours, and usually more – starting her first boil at 9:30pm and letting it simmer till 11:30am the next day.

There you have it; no need for tricks, MSG or food enhancers. Just plain, honest hard work and a delicious broth.